Love, Gramma is a book of advice for my young adult grandchildren about how to maneuver those tough years to adulthood. You can click on the book to visit the site on to get a peek inside the pages.

I also included a few of my favorite recipes at the end. I am adding recipes that weren’t in the book through the blog page.

Check out the fabulous animations of my book cover, by Suzanne @Motion_Kitty !

Now on Kindle Vella:

New Episodes coming soon! Click on the picture to visit the Vella site!

A series based on our family experiences with spirits, fictionalized for sharing.

I am in the process of creating a paperback out of Her Alien Children series! Coming soon!

Click on the picture to visit the Vella site!

Bella has dreams that make her question not only her family, but her entire life.

I am part of the Sutton Writer’s Group in Sutton, Mass. My work is in these compilations:

Fear Worry Anxiety – A Compilation of Short Stories, Essays, Poetry, and Memories (Sutton Writing Group Compilations Book 5) 

Seeing Beyond Our World – Exploring the Spiritual and Paranormal: A compilation of short stories, essays, poetry, and memories (Sutton Writing Group Compilations Book 6)