Love, Gramma is a book of advice for my young adult grandchildren about how to maneuver those tough years to adulthood. I also included a few of my favorite recipes at the end.

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Animations by Suzanne @Motion_Kitty !

Her Alien Children is a story about a young girl who has missing memories, time warps in her days, and a family who is acting very strange.

Does she have an over-active imagination, or is she really a victim of alien abduction?

What do they want with Bella?

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A Butterfly in My House is my first children’s book and collaboration with my friend Jane E. Hathaway. Her illustrations are colorful and wonderfully unique!

A whimsical family adventure when an impish butterfly invades their blah day at home with his outrageous antics.

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Our Family’s Spirits is based in New England, an area rich in history where one is bound to run into spirits that wander the halls or show up in the most unlikely places.

The stories in this collection are based on actual paranormal events that either my family, friends, or I have experienced. A few stories are written more closely to what actually happened, and I took creative liberty with others.

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