Kindle Vella Stories

Her Alien Children – Between Worlds

Bella has dreams that make her question not only her family, but her entire life.

Missing time, memory lapses, waking up in strange places, and dreams of frighteningly real creatures. Bella’s strange dreams about alien abductions started in early childhood, but are they dreams or something else?

As she explores the possibilities, more information comes to light that makes her question everything she’s believed in, including her family.

Our Family Spirits – Stories Based on Real Paranormal Experiences

Our family, like many others, has communicated with spirits in various ways over the years. Maybe it’s our Gaelic heritage that makes us more susceptible to them.

This collection of fictionalized spirit stories is based on actual encounters that our family members have had.

All have taken place in small towns in New England, most of them in older homes, and are part of our family lore.

The Contract Keeper – A Soul’s Journey

Tom has never been one for following rules or thinking about anyone but himself and his own needs. Little does he know his time has run out again.

When he finds himself in the Afterlife discussing his options with the Archangel, he realizes there is only one option. He doesn’t want to spend eternity in the black void, so he needs to live another life in order to earn his place in the light. He has failed before.

Will he ever learn his lesson and find atonement?

Night Watchman’s Cabin

Jacob is the night watchman, a solitary man with a nightly routine at the Isadora Hotel. While shreds of memories rise up to the surface occasionally, he can’t remember what he has lost.

Clara is a guest drawn to something she doesn’t understand, but affected by forever. She suspects the mystery lying in the Night Watchman’s Cabin holds the key to her salvation.

The hotel, cabin, and a dark moonless night wait for them.

One Winter’s Blessings

A small town has suffered a shock when one of it’s own treasures is attacked and robbed three days before Christmas.

The townspeople are upset, the police launch an investigation, a group of teens must decide where they stand, while a young mother and her child have no clue they are the next targets.

Everything changes when the facts finally fall into place by Christmas Day.