One Winter’s Blessings

A video about the new story I am developing in Kindle Vella, about a small town with a big problem. Several local families are in crisis with only a few days left until Christmas. Check out the youtube short I made earlier tonight. I am a work in progress, for sure, but always trying!

Back to School Offer until 8 AM on 8/31/22 PDT

Love, Gramma was written for teen and young adult grandchildren, thinking of the challenges they would face on their journey into adulthood. This book is full of frank advice, examples of lessons they might learn, and suggestions on how to navigate the sometimes bumpy roads aheads. There are chapters on living alone for the first […]

Night Watchman’s Cabin – New Kindle Vella Story

I love this story that came to me in a dream one night! In my dream, I heard a man say, “I am the night watchman of the Isadora Hotel.” Then he showed me his cabin and told me about a mystery. When I woke up, I wrote it down in my dream journal so […]

When Babies Grow Up

You bring them into the world helpless, wiggly, and hungry. They depend on you for their very existence. They need nourishment to sustain them, protection from harm, warm hugs to remind them they are safe and loved, and guidance on how to be a good human. You have them all to yourself for the first […]

Graduation Ahead

I spent the afternoon cleaning up the pages on this website, and since WordPress made changes to the format it was a little trickier and more time consuming than I planned. But, it’s all good in the end because I think it’s getting there. I’m not a world class web designer, so keep your expectations […]

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