Free Ebook ~ Love, Gramma!

Love, Gramma will be FREE as an Ebook today – Friday (8/25 – 8/27). Would your young adult grandchild benefit from some grandmotherly advice about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness? Maybe you know a teen who is facing some difficult times in life, who could use a virtual hug and a pat on […]

Sincerest Thank you!

Thank you to anyone who has read my stories Her Alien Children and/or Our Family’s Spirits! I was so surprised when Her Alien Children made it to the Top Faved list today, which means that some readers out there liked it enough to mark it as a Fave, and I am very grateful for your […]


I found a great quote from Mark Twain that speaks to me about perspective, that I put into the picture below. How we see the world around us, may be different from the others who share the same space, thanks to individual perspective. We remember our childhoods differently than our parents or our siblings, even […]