Night Watchman’s Cabin – New Kindle Vella Story

I love this story that came to me in a dream one night! In my dream, I heard a man say, “I am the night watchman of the Isadora Hotel.” Then he showed me his cabin and told me about a mystery. When I woke up, I wrote it down in my dream journal so I wouldn’t forget it. I knew I would eventually have to write about him.

There is no Isadora Hotel in Maine, where I placed the story, at least not that I have found. There is an Isadora Hotel in West Bend, along with several other incarnations in other countries, some spelled Isidora. But, whenever I have such a clearly defined dream, I tend to research the particulars, to verify if it could possibly be more than a dream. There have been times I learned that what I thought was a dream was possibly something more telepathic or precognitive. In the case of this story, however, I believe it was simply a little excursion organized by my pineal gland and over active imagination.

If you click on the photo, you can read the first episode, even without an Amazon account. If you want to read more, sign into Amazon and you will be able to read the next two episodes for free, as well. Enjoy!

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