Gramma’s Chopped Salad

There was a lovely inn in Western Massachusetts, very close to where I once lived in Ashley Falls. The owner used to buy tomatoes from us and used them in the chopped salad she sometimes served at dinner. My chopped salad is a take on her wonderful dish, so easy and yet so tasty, perfect […]

Gramma’s Potato Pancakes

I had this initially on another page, but decided to add it to the blog, under recipes. I fell in love with potato pancakes when I lived in Florida and ate at Perkins, one of the local chain restaurants. I have not found anywhere in my area that makes these, so I decided to come […]

Sunday Omelette Recipe

For years I tried making omelettes, and failed miserably. My omelettes were always a mess and visually inedible. Then I went on a trip to a Sandals resort in Jamaica, my honeymoon for a second marriage, actually. One morning, when we went down for breakfast, I could see the chef at the omelette station working […]