Sunday Omelette Recipe

For years I tried making omelettes, and failed miserably. My omelettes were always a mess and visually inedible. Then I went on a trip to a Sandals resort in Jamaica, my honeymoon for a second marriage, actually. One morning, when we went down for breakfast, I could see the chef at the omelette station working his magic. It was at that moment that I decided I would not only order my favorite ham and cheese omelette, but I would get a lesson at the same time!

When I ordered the omelette, he asked for my table and said he would bring it to me, but I assured him that I was fine standing there waiting. I was secretly waiting for my cooking lesson to begin, and he did not disappoint! He quickly figured out what I was doing, I guess it was pretty obvious the way I was watching his every move, so he started to explain to me what he was doing and why. The light dawned on Marblehead, as we say in New England, and a new omelette chef was born that day! It was so simple, I couldn’t believe how many years I had been failing because I had been doing it all wrong, and how patiently he taught me the correct way.

Now, those of you who have known all along how to make omelettes, all I can say is bravo! Some of us took a little longer to get there. This recipe is for those who have yet to master, or even attempt making an omelette. There is no shame in not knowing, only in not being willing to learn. Bon apetit!

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