Graduation Ahead

I spent the afternoon cleaning up the pages on this website, and since WordPress made changes to the format it was a little trickier and more time consuming than I planned. But, it’s all good in the end because I think it’s getting there. I’m not a world class web designer, so keep your expectations low! Lol.

With Mother’s Day and Memorial Day behind us, Father’s Day is straight ahead. But, before we get there many of us have graduations to attend, first. This surely is a time for reflection as my second grandson gets ready to walk that stage.

From a wiggly mass of motion (his great-grandfather declared that holding him as a baby was like trying to hold a melting ice cube) to a handsome young man with a plan for his future, I couldn’t be prouder. My grandson is graduating high school with his childhood directly behind him and his future spanning ahead of him as far as the eye can see. What a heady time for these young graduates!

I will always see the baby with that shock of dark hair sticking out in every direction when I look at his handsome face. I can still hear him telling me to put the windows down and the music up on the radio as we rode around in my ‘monster truck’ when I was babysitting. My heart will always burst with pride when I look at the wonderful human being that his mother and father raised, with a little help from the rest of our village.

This young man is preparing to take the next steps into the amazing journey that is his future, and I am grateful. I am grateful to his parents for bringing him into the world and my life. I am thankful that he is the caring, determined, intelligent young man that he has become. Thank God for grandchildren!

Fly free, young men and women who are moving into adulthood! Soar high and proud as you use your own wings to reach new goals. Don’t ever give up on those dreams, and if a plan falls apart don’t despair. Make a new one. Forge a new path. This is your time to explore and find out what the world has to offer you, and what you have to offer it. Be careful, be yourself, but most of all, be happy.

Love, Gramma. XOXO

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