Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day is the time we reflect on all the workers who have made the USA a strong and vibrant country. We take the day to relax, thankful for the holiday that celebrates our hard work.

I would like to focus on another level of worker, the supervisor, who makes the difference between a stressful job and a profession to enjoy. A long time ago, someone hired me based on my promise to learn whatever I needed to ensure success. I had little to no experience in the field, because it was my first full-time job as a single mother of two young boys, my re-entry into the work world.

Anyone can supervise, but it takes special skills to be a mentor, because patient supervisors help employees solve their own problems. A supervisor who encourages, supports, and trains a productive employee is one who manages a successful department.

I’ve had some wonderful jobs over the years, working for employers who valued their staff. As a retiree, I think back on those experiences fondly and with sincere gratitude. I not only learned useful skills, but equally important life lessons. In so many ways, those positions were lifelines where I found new friends for life.

On this Labor Day, I sincerely thank my former supervisor, John Aversa, who hired me when I was a young single mom re-entering the workforce. You gave me the confidence to step forward in a changing world and believe in my ability to master whatever challenges came before me.

I am eternally grateful that you were at Dean when I walked through those doors so many years ago, my friend. God bless!

Photo credit to Prateek Katyal on Pexels.

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