We Were All Teens Once

Once upon a time, we all went through the angst and fears that come with being a teen, whether we can remember that far back, or not. We had to learn to navigate the world that was before us and take with us the lessons and the memories of childhood as we made our way to adulthood. We counted on the adults in our lives to lend us a hand or an ear, depending on our needs at that moment. My book “Love, Gramma” was written for my grandchildren who are in those years now, in case I am no longer here when they need me the most.

In all honesty, I am not a professional or trained to give advice, I make no claim to being an expert in anything, other than being a Gramma who adores her grandchildren. I have, however, amassed a lifetime of experience in working with young adults: from helping to raise younger siblings, supervising work study students and peer tutors at Dean College, raising my own three teens, being part of ‘the village’ for my younger relatives and family friends, to now advising my own dear grandchildren. It is those combined experiences, along with the threat of extinction from Covid 19, that drove me to write “Love, Gramma.” It is my first book to be published, and I hope to publish many more, God willing.

Thank you for visiting my slowly evolving website!

Sue Lovejoy

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