Growing Pains

This is a little poem I wrote to my sons in the 80’s, when I realized they were growing faster than my memory was able to absorb. They are now both in their 40’s with teenagers of their own, so I’m sure they understand this all too well. I thought it would be a nice one for Mother’s Day Weekend, for all the moms with little ones growing too fast.

Growing Pains

Hey little guys, you’ve both grown so tall,

            why didn’t I see the years pass?

It suddenly seems I’ve missed it all,

            gazing back through an old looking glass.

Where are the short and unsteady legs

            that ran into me all the time?

Where are the hands that played with wood pegs

            driving trucks in the dirt and grime?

I miss those plump hands, dimpled back then,

            reaching up to fit into mine.

Gone is the gate to block off the den,

            and the high chair from which you dined.

Your diapers long gone, part of the past,

            the bottles you drink now have pop.

My babies grew into young boys so fast

            sometimes I’m afraid you won’t stop.

My sons, slow down, there are so many years

            for us to enjoy till you’re grown.

Someday you’ll know all my joys and fears

            when you both have babes of your own.

©Susan B. Lovejoy

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