I found a great quote from Mark Twain that speaks to me about perspective, that I put into the picture below. How we see the world around us, may be different from the others who share the same space, thanks to individual perspective. We remember our childhoods differently than our parents or our siblings, even though we all lived in the same house at some point. We have memories of our children’s childhoods that they may not recall, certainly not in the same light that we might. You might not even agree with me about what the quote says, from your perspective it might mean something totally different than what I see. That’s okay too.

When we look at the world today, with all the differences of opinions and societal discord, we have to wonder why our human family is having a difficult time aligning memories and perspectives within shared and/or separate experiences. Surely there must be a way for mankind to allow the same freedom for all, recognizing that the truth belongs to everyone, not just one segment of society. For there are many truths yet to be told, as well as many views to be experienced and shared.

It all boils down to respect, in my humble opinion. Respect for oneself, family, friends, and fellow citizens. Sharing different perspectives is sometimes just what we need to have a true view of our complex world. In order to do that, we have to open our eyes and hearts to the possibility that everyone has a truth, a unique perspective on their journey. If you follow Toltec wisdom, you know that each and every one of us is walking around in our own dream. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someday we could share those dreams in hopes of understanding each other?

2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. This is a gorgeous quote! Perspective is so unique and specific to the individual that being aware of others’ can’t help but produce balanced energies and outcomes. Thanks for sharing, Susan. 🙂


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