Celebrating Each Other

We find our moments of celebration wherever we can these days, in our nearly post-quarantine world we have learned to appreciate each other more than ever. Our lives have been forever imprinted by this unseen enemy as we try to find a semblance of a new normal to continue forward.

Deep inside us, now more than ever, we need to be grateful and to celebrate with our nearest and dearest, because we are social animals at heart. It is time for our pods to expand back to including extended family and friends. Those hugs have been waiting for too long, and our days of hunkering down and living like hermits will soon reach an end.

Spring is the time of year when so many good things come about: proms, graduations, weddings, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, cookouts, and pool parties. Last year we braced for the virus by fortifying our home ramparts and praying. We all gave up so much to be here together today, and while we can’t say the war is won completely just yet, we have done what we could to ensure victory. Now is the time to carefully rejoin the lives we put on hold.

Today when my grandson went off to his Junior Prom, with his family around to celebrate his exciting occasion, my heart felt gratitude for all those who love him, that we are all here today to celebrate this special young man. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and it looks really good from here. Namaste.

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