My Inspiration

Every now and then we all need something that will inspire us to do our best and pursue our dreams in a real way. I came across this picture in a gift shop one day while I was just browsing, not expecting to go home with anything in particular. When I read the words it hit me that in sixty plus years of living, I had so many stories I wanted to tell, but how many years left to tell them?

Then when the Covid pandemic hit, I felt the pressure to stop sleepwalking through my retirement and put the crochet hook aside once in a while and start writing. I wrote my first book during quarantine, and I’ve been writing almost daily ever since. With Love, Gramma selling on Amazon right now, and two series almost ready to go in Kindle Vella, I realize how many more stories I still want to write and share, God willing. So, write your story, share it with the world, you never know who it will touch. At the end of the day, it might make a difference in someone else’s story.

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