Kindle Vella Series

I have taken the leap into the world of Kindle Vella! I now have two series that will premiere on Vella when it launches live to readers mid July. Each series has at least 7 episodes already loaded. I hope to add another one before July!

First, I entered Our Family’s Spirits, a collection of stories about our family penchant for meeting up with spirits from another realm. Maybe our Gaelic heritage has a little to do with our willingness to accept these strange situations, but we’ve had quite a few interesting encounters. They are fictionalized stories based on true events. Some of the characters are quite real, I assure you.

The other series is Her Alien Children, a story about a young girl named Bella who has strange, repetitive dreams of encounters with spaceships and alien beings throughout her life. Afraid to seek the answers because she’s terrified of the truth, what Bella eventually discovers makes her question not only her family, but her own existence.

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