Happy Father’s Day

It seems only fitting to add my wish for all fathers on their day, even if I am a little late in getting it posted.

But, I want to make sure that this post is recognized for what it is: a recognition of the men who are good fathers, who have loved and cared for their children, or who have loved and cared for another man’s children as if they were his own. It takes a special kind of man to walk into a family and care for children that aren’t biologically his. Stepfathers are under appreciated, as are many stepmothers, but today it’s about the dads.

So, thank you fathers all around the world who cherish and nurture the next generation. Thank you for being there to guide those young people. A special thank you to my deceased stepfather, Norman Goodwin, who loved us and supported us long after you didn’t have to. I feel blessed that you came into our lives when you did.


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