Sincerest Thank you!

Thank you to anyone who has read my stories Her Alien Children and/or Our Family’s Spirits! I was so surprised when Her Alien Children made it to the Top Faved list today, which means that some readers out there liked it enough to mark it as a Fave, and I am very grateful for your vote of confidence!

The fun part about being on a site like Vella is going to the list to see if anyone I know is on it, and today I got a great surprise. Her Alien Children was #219 out of 250, which was very exciting to me as an unknown author. Later in the day I checked again and it had slipped to #226, then #231. It didn’t disappoint me like I thought it might, because I never expected to make the list at all!

There are a lot of experienced and beloved authors who are published in Vella, their writing automatically draws hundreds, if not thousands, of readers the minute their books hit print. They only need to get the word out that their story is there and their place on the list is guaranteed. For writers like me who depend on family and friends to read our stories, it’s a little daunting to write and publish our words against a backdrop like that. But, we love to write so we do it and cross our fingers that someone will enjoy what we’ve written. Or, maybe find something in our words to touch them, make them think, or just soothe them when they need it most.

So, thank you, to anyone who has read and enjoyed the words that I’ve shared with you. Your appreciation is my biggest reward and motivation to keep writing.

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