Free Ebook ~ Love, Gramma!

Love, Gramma will be FREE as an Ebook today – Friday (8/25 – 8/27).

Would your young adult grandchild benefit from some grandmotherly advice about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness? Maybe you know a teen who is facing some difficult times in life, who could use a virtual hug and a pat on the back to find a way through a sticky situation. Grandparents might find suggestions in there for communicating with the teens in your life.

I talk to my grandchildren openly and and about anything they want to share. In this book, I keep it straight and real about anything they might face in life. I wrote it during quarantine the summer of 2020, when I realized there was so much I wanted to share with them about the rest of their lives. Written for pre-teens and up, it covers a lot of topics they might not want to discuss with an adult, but they should hear about. Take a peek and see if it’s right for your teen.

Photo by Gramma, Modeled by Teddy.

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