Happy First Days of School!

Wishing all the kiddos and teachers a happy new school year! May your year be full of fun, safe, learning!

Remember the simpler days when all you had to worry about as a kid were reading, writing, and arithmetic? Maybe a little concern about whether recess would be outside or inside, or what they were serving for lunch in the cafeteria? We always loved pizza Fridays with the peanut butter cookies for dessert! We had dress codes, brown bag lunches, and more kids walking to elementary school than riding the bus, and very few parent drop offs.

It was a different world, back in the sixties and seventies. We enjoyed freedom to wander and ride our bikes without fear of strangers roaming our streets. Our entertainment was playing outdoors, in the fresh air and sunshine. As parents and grandparents, we need to find a way to give our little ones some of the freedom and peace that we enjoyed.

Yes, these are difficult and scary times, there’s no arguing about that. But, somehow, we need to let our young enjoy childhood and create great memories for the rest of their lives, while still keeping them safe. So, go back to school, kids, and enjoy seeing your friends and swapping war stories of the year you were quarantined. Be happy, be safe, but most of all, be kids!

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